Salt Spring – Winter 2018


Times are a changing! And winter seems to want to keep us all guessing. Milder than most, it’s been delightful for the most part, with the exception of the hurricane force winds we had just before Christmas. Hundreds of tress down across the island, and though our power was out for 60 hours here at Bamboo Grove, some folks went much longer before power was restored. But we’re resilient, and life trundles on..

And while Wally, our Golden, has a lot to do minding the local deer population as they wander through his domain, the woods still beckon us with mountain biking and hiking all though the wetter months. It’s a quieter time, and our guests seem to enjoy their interior lives more than in summer, but there’s magic in all the seasons, isn’t there?!

And the light, the ever radiant filtered beams in the forest..well, what could I say that that the image above doesn’t more eloquently offer..