Salt Spring – Autumn 2018


As the warmer days give way to cooler ones, Salt Spring’s colors and delights continue. While perhaps not the colors of an East Coast autumn, Salt spring always participates in the seasonal shift in its own way. The maple outside the great room is a dramatic accent amongst the “evergreen” fir and newly peeled arbutus trunks. Farms are always active in fall, as the harvest peaks in October, which makes the Tuesday and Saturday farm markets even more wonderful as town quiets down a bit, and the summer cornucopia is fully realized.

The trails too are lovely in the turning. A bit of moisture from some unexpected early September rain this year took the summer “drought” out of the air, and the mosses greened up appreciatively, if not as quite as lush as in early spring.

And the warmer days stayed with us past All Hallows Eve even into early November, with our renewing winter rains even yet to come.

We had a great year and we thank you all for that!